Somethings remain timeless
Like the love of  mother that
Knows no bounds and drifts
Between spaces and places
To forever imprint an impact
And the laughter of a child
That echoes in long hallways
Preserving their childhood
In memories that the future
Will be thankful for as years
Pass by and silence grows
How the sky feels at night
Decorated by the stars and
The clouds form shapes for
Us to remind of the infinite
Possibilities and realms that
Can be created if we dream
The subtle look between the
The two lovers as they watch
One another from a distance
In a crowd, delightfully drinking
In every movement of another
Places and people where time
Ceases to exist and all that’s
Left is captured moments

To be a Tree

Some days I wish I was a tree
A thick long poised stretch
From the earth to the heavens
So gracefully and steadily holding
Its ground luxuriously spreading
Its thick lustrous roots within the
Length and depths of the earth
They share a lasting love that’s
Talked about in books all over
From sandstorms to thunder both
Are eternal strength to each other
As the tree grows branching out
In all directions it’s decorated by
Feather light leaves in rich thick
Shades of greens and designs that
Nature creates from its own hands
So mesmerizing to look at that one
Stops to watch in wonder and awe
As weather and winds changes it
Adapts efficiently and effortlessly
Like an expert sailor adjusting sails
From shedding of the adornments
Storing a well inside for dusty days
It sway gently like classic piano notes
Until it can blossom its way coloring
the beloved wings in flirtatious hues
Spreading smiles and little rainbows till
The day it bleed by hands of those who
Tears apart the lovers from each other
In name of freedom and hope