Earn Respect

Respect is build upon
Hard work and struggles
To prove oneself worthy
To be treated with honor
And most of all it’s earned
Through your character
Not through force or fear
Or by use of power to crush
Others for that is not respect
That people have for you in
Their silenced voices and
Tied hands but avoidance of
Pain and humiliation you throw
In their way to make them
Fall so as to feel better about
The person who you are but
Don’t forget today may not
Be their day but the people
Will rise and karma will do
The due you carry around so
Be weary and learn to treat
All equally with compassion
Life has a way of balancing
The wrong deeds you do
So learn before you falter


Invincible you thought seeing them
Together they stayed like two forces
Gravitating towards each other as if
Tied together by an invisible spell
Movements synced with each other
Perfection you envied to have as theirs
Absolutely aware of the presence of
One and another they connect even
In the biggest of the crowds around
His eyes would always find her
She would always calm his heart
They were light in pitch darkness
Never giving up on another one
You could only wish to have this love
Surreal like the air carrying secrets
And orange sun-rays before dawn
Untouchable by the tainted humans
It’s them versus the world in a battle
They win with such ease that you
Wince in envy and awe but they are
Unaffected moving on victoriously
Living their lives as you watch with
Wishful heart and pained soul