I wish you sweet dreams
Even a sweeter reality
A world full of laughter
And days of hope to live
Nights filled with music
People who value you
Treat you with stars and
Moonlight happiness on
Your feet to swoon you
Peace be in your heart
With sun bringing light
Chocolates to add delight
To your days when down
A shoulder to cry on when
Darkness surrounds you
Loving arms to hold you
To cherish you as a gift
A reason to never give up
When life trips you down
And the days feel colder
May warmth pass through
The cracks and give you
The strength to live life


I hope you make peace
With the mistake you made
And the past that still haunts you

I hope you find happiness
In shapes and colour you desire
Between times and space you need

I hope you discover your place
Without losing yourself to the world
As most become lost souls

I hope your journey is worth it
With stars and the moon
Connecting you to galaxies of fortune

I hope you experience life
In all shades available to tell tales
with sparkle in your eyes as you age

I hope you find that one person
Who makes all struggles worth it
And finds the way to your soul