It’s in the Wind

As I step out of the dreary
Building filled only with
Mechanized voices and
Hollow laughter of people
The outside air feels so
Fresh like a weight lifted
Off my chest and I could
Breathe openly, absorbing
the surrounding to realize
The wind carrying patrichor
I look around and a smile
Spreads on my face noticing
The slightly wet floor and
Breathtaking garden glistening
Under umbrella of water
Droplets like decorations
On my favorite Christmas tree
I inhale deeply letting the air
Fill my lungs like silent
Hope making its way to
Brighten the gloomy day
It carries peace in its waves
Subtly relaxing the spirit
Like watching a sunset after
A long tiring day at work
The birds sing songs perched
On trees creating music
And it feels that the chilly
Wind is dancing to the tune
As I hum along with them
The heart peacefully beats
Happiness is in the wind

What Ifs

They say an empty mind
Is the devil’s play field or
Something abstract along
Those lines, I wonder as
I keep looking across the
Barren field stretched for
Miles with no end in sight
But I like to take these blind
Mind trips to feel the wheels
Leaving marks on my skulls
As they fabricate stories
What if I had a better face
Would people notice me
And not my crippled leg as
They cringe away in sympathy
And disgust at the disfigured
Deformed mass sticking out
Of my knee with blue and red
Lines running along like art
A biter sweet smile on my face
What if I have had the surgery
And got a prosthetic leg instead
Would I have been less cynical
What if I hadn’t saved the child
That day leaving him in the
Middle of the road amidst traffic
‘You would still have the leg’, I
Hear the voice which I crash
With the violent shake of my
Head and try to breathe normally
What if I had died instead that
Day and with that thought the
Clouds get heavier, thunder roars
The world drowns in my sorrows


It’s one of those days again
The battle in the sky is about
To begin, the vibrating music
And howling winds seem to
Be making all the windows
And doors slam against each
Other as if screaming in fear
The gods roar and sky bursts
The battle of gods has started
As people watch in silence
Hidden in their houses under
The blankets, the sky is taken
Into shades of gray and black
Angry clouds crashing into
One another causing lights to
Lit up the sky like fire erupting
Drowning the town in white
The black cat scurries away
Running for her life scared of
The flash that destroyed its
Home with a blink of an eye
Another angry crackle by god
And a crash rattles the ground
The world looks ragged and torn
Drenched with fear but there is
An impending doom is in the air
The town holds its breath in terror
Praying for the storm to pass

Games of Nature

Do you hear the world singing
The trees swaying to the tune
And the waves rhythmically
Crash against the rocks calling
To anyone who will listen to
Their symphony they play softly
As the birds chirp along adding
Ornaments to the pink cotton
Candies that spread to infinity
Above us in layers of stillness
Playing hide and seek with the
Sun that burns in anger when
The sky refuses to give it the
Rightful place it demands for
While the rain sneaks in and
Surprises them both taking over
The sky shading it in various
Grays till it start pouring on the
Ground dazzling the beings with
Its power it exudes with every
Drop that touches the ground
And delightfully I extend my hand
To feel the rain cooling my skin
Thinking about the games nature
Plays each day for its audience


As the sky turned grey then black
I eagerly looked up for the rain to
Take over the earth in its charm as
A child who has a contagious smile
On his face at his first play land trip
The rain made me feel the same way
And each time, I mused to myself
The same intensity and happiness
Find its way erasing my worries albeit
Temporarily as I let the chilly winds
Sink in to my bones and petrichor
Take over my senses wrapping me
In a surreal desire for a profound
Need of dreams to find their way
As always this fresh scent leaves me
Unnerved and wanting more almost
Like a past wound which refuses to
Heal no matter how much I tend to it
Simultaneously I feel happy and sad
Knowing it soothes me and is reminder
Of freedom I leisurely take for granted
And as it dissipates into layers that
Invisibly float around me it teaches me
How fleeting is what I hold so dear

Thunder and Rain

The rain pelts against the windows
Like it wanted to break in the house
Wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa
She watches this with an intensity
A strong desire to let the rain in
Perhaps it would wash away her sins
Her heart is barely beating tonight
Too burdened, too broken too lost
It has forgotten what its purpose was
Outside the thunder rages set free
From hands of who watches from above
Her eyes look up in hope of finding
Something to keep her monsters asleep
They reside within the deepest corner
Of her mind and they’ve been calling
A cold chill crawls from the heart
Spreading within slowly consuming
Every inch and curve as a man who
Finds water in desert after a week
Rain and clouds perform the orchestra
For her last moments just as she wanted
Her favorite ‘requiem’ that fits perfectly
She always had a thing for perfection
A dainty line hums its last words barely
Visible under all the marks hidden
Beneath the long sleeved blue sweater
The rain and clouds go quite outside
The silence has never felt louder

The rain that never came

He watches from afar
Her eyes look alive today
As she hums and prepares her tea
Strong and no sugar, please
Her words find way to his lips
He feels a slight pang in his heart
but forces himself back to the present
He watches in disbelief and awe
As she glides across her room
He smiles and knows the reason
It’s raining! Lets go out!
Come on, for me?
Above the clouds rumble
Her laughter rings in his eyes
His heart stops for a minute
And his hand frantically reach out
As an apology escapes his lips
But he had pushed her too far
His vision blurs with regrets
The grey blanket above dissolves
And the sun comes out
Mocking him of his mistakes
The sun makes me sad
Even the weather was punishing him
A defeated sigh escapes his lips
He needed to see her smile
Without you there will be no rain
His eyes find her again in distance
A forlorn expression on her face
The tea cup forgotten on the windowpane
She waits for the rain that never came