Readin a book

The pleasure of reading a book
After a long exhaustive day
Leaves an impact of calmness
As being in the arms of a lover
The desire to lose myself in it
As I gently touch the corner of
the pages holding stories of
Worlds beyond I can ever imagine
A playful shine rests in my eyes
As I step in to the world of words
And let the sensation of sentences
Carved with commas and full stops
Excite the inner child within me
Reminding me that life’s miracles
Exist at all places if only we’d see
With open minds and beating hearts
All wonders live within these pages
Making me feel like I found home
And my favourite characters become
A part of my life delicately connected
To me as I laugh and cry with them
In moments we breathe together on
The pages decorated beautifully with
Words taking my breathe away slowly
And I fall in love gladly over and over
Holding my world close to myself


Read for yourself and others
To be able to know and learn
A little more out about this infinite
Spectrum which we are part of
For its importance to appreciate
The countless things we misuse
Being able to have constructive
Discussion about human beings
Nature and never ending subjects
Rather make useless gossip grow
To not waste time over gossiping
A well read person will have better
Thinking capacity and tolerance
For others opinions with reasoning
From getting a chance to travel
Across worlds and cultures you will
Know places and people as your own
Hope will grow on our land again
As a change will occur in people who
Have been busy with guns and blood
Words will string us together as a
Rope tightly held in place and the
Rusted lines will teach us lessons
Long forgotten as we dumped books

If I could

If I could I would travel from
One book to another and watch
My favourite stories unfold in
Front of my eyes while I get drunk
On the enchanting scent of words
I would spend nights hiding in the
Most interesting chapters and observe
In delight how the characters coped
With changes and unexpected events
Of their life hoping to learn the same
I’ll pick magical words and weave
Dreams that I’ll wear before sleeping
So I’d know what it feels to wake up
With a smile and giggle with delight
I’ll crawl between paragraphs curling
Into a ball so I could hide from the world
I would sleep between blanket of words
Spilled on a pages protected from all
Harms and heart breaks that humans
So viciously cause in name of humanity
I’ll dissolve my very essence in to the
Half erased pages till I can find home

I want

I want to read out my favorite books
To you on cold winter nights as we sit
Cuddled together on the blue loveseat
I want to travel to the quietest places
And highest snow mountains to find
The perfect spot where I can read you
Neruda’s ‘everyday you play’ and watch
You as the impact of words sinks in
I want to introduce you to my world of
Words reigned by likes of Neruda, Sexton
And Nabokov hoping you’d stay
I want you to understand that on days
When I feel like Plath I tend to go away
Somewhere but I will come back home
I want you to know that I will support
You in all that you believe and hope for
I want to look in to your soul and let you
Know I have faith for the two of us
I want you to kiss me like I’m your
Favourite fairy tale and I’ll make you
My favourite book whose words I shall
Read every night till sleep takes over
I want to write about you until my hands
Hurt and are stained in ink so that you
May hold them and kiss the fingertips
To drink the pain away and heal them
I want to carve my words on your skin
To let the world know you’re only mine
I want us to write our story together
Words and paragraphs with pauses and
Commas capturing moments perfectly
For one day our children can learn
The secret world we decorated together

Art of making Chai (Tea)

I always smile when my friend
Is baffled by my obsession with chai 
You see making chai is an art
From boiling the water on the stove
While humming your favorite song
To precisely adding the tea leaves
Which give the perfect golden color
As you let it brew by the clock
Reading Neruda’s poem in between
Till the roasted aroma wraps you
In its spread soothing your senses
And with all the concentration you
Pour the chai in the cup and watch
With delight as the hot steam forms
Designs that you want to capture
In your memory as magical moments
That remind you of words of C. S. Lewis
This brings a smile on your face and
To complete your Chai making ritual
A little milk and a little honey essence
Brings your Chai cup to desired perfection
With a hand wrapped around the cup
And another holding Murakami’s 1Q84
You comfortably settle in your favorite spot
On the sofa by the window and raise the cup
The first sip that moves down the throat
Warms up the inside like hands of a lover
Who knows the secret way to your home
And with a smile that hides a secret
You savour the delicacies of Chai
Enjoying the world of words in your hand