Silver linings

He carves stories on his skin
Decorating different intricate
Designs each telling a different
Story of his life so that he never
Forgets the insults he endured
There are some barely visible
Lines that are marked softly but
Permanently across his arms
The forgivable mistakes buried
And forgotten by the world but
He refuses to let go of the times
He didn’t have enough money
He traces the more deeper ones
And winces as the memories
Assault him with how he had let
Down his parents by not making
To the top institute for his career
Trying to stable his trembling
Hands he gingerly touches the
Sore spot still burning from half
Hour ago when she had walked out
On him accusing him of cheating
On her leaving him broken behind
Alone trying to find a purpose since
All he seemed to do is disappoint
People who had no place for him
His eyes travel across all the little
Turns and twists of the lost city
He hopelessly keeps working on
Hoping someone will help him out
Till then it’s him and his silver linings

Pieces of Me

As I try to put myself together
For another day to survive
There is a burning desire to let
My pieces freely dissipate into
Nothingness just to feel peace
I sense my eyes starting a war
With my head as a dizzy spell
Takes over making the world
Feel light like a feather not
Knowing its destination to settle
I hear my heart beat slow down
Like music to my ears it makes
Me sway and I stumble around
Another piece of mine rages
I see my fingers tremble and
The faded blue and pink lines
Underneath my skin take a life
Of their own as they quarrel with
Each other trying to over power
Another not understanding one
Can’t survive long without the other
I bite my lower lip as my shaky
Fingers trace the maps on my
Arms jagged with precise points
Covering distances decorated
Each representing its own hell
I manage to clear my head to
Focus for minute perhaps before
A thunderstorm erupts behind
My ears making the world rattle
Another desperate attempt to
Gather broken pieces sewing them
Together quickly as the clock strikes
A warning of running out of time
I reach for the nearest mask and
Walk out of the door smiling to
Fool the world under starlight sky