It would start from the toes
tingling sensation
a smile would appear on your face
the foreign feeling, unsure
you will welcome the stars and butterflies
it will sink deep into the bones
flowing in the blood, crawling under the skin
a frown will start forming at the corner of your lips
angry at the world
angry at the gods
why them? why not me
it will continue weaving the web around your heart
you will feel consumed, burned
You will want to scream and seethe
You will feel the pain tattooed on the inside
it hurts like a hundred fractured bones
You grit your teeth, you want an escape
your head throbs all the time
it makes you feel wronged
You feel cheated, you feel unloved
it has you under its spell
you are blinded by your demons
it overcomes you, you let it win
till you and Envy are same


He was her star child
she knew it when he opened his eyes
black like an endless spiral
only she will fix him, only her
He stumbled on his words
She always clapped
He never finished his food
She always cheered
He crashed into walls
She always pushed
He had a crooked smile
She didn’t care
He cried for he was an accident
She haughtily showed him of
He begged to be let go off
She couldn’t give up her trophy
He wanted freedom
She wanted him in her leash
He screamed for help
She refused the doctors
He looked centuries beyond his age
She had never asked for help
He couldn’t take it anymore
She found his body


Belching on the dinner table
his mother’s words rang in his head
“Frank, you’re an embarrassment”
He slurped loudly
attempting to drown his dead mother’s voice
she didn’t understand
nobody did, he cursed
gobbled the luscious strawberries
as fresh as the dew on the trees outside
he was a slave to his tongue
perfidious little thing it was
never satisfied
he licked his lips in disgust and savored
the slight taste of berries
still lingering
his tongue tasted of the worlds
colorful little thing it was
he reached for more that delectable wine
He couldn’t stop, he wouldn’t stop
He growled and snarled at the world
This was his ‘home’
whole and animalistic


He wants it
He wants it all
The little cozy cottage at top of the hill
The brand new Mercedes crossing Beverly road
The diamond sparking at Raymond’s
The shining gold crown
The opulent lifestyle
The million dollar Richard Millie
The depth of the sea
The power to control
He is consumed by a higher power
He scorns at the world
He is on a mission
He wants the world in his pocket
A maddening gleam in his eyes,
there is no turning back
He will have it all
He will show them all


He cries over
The wasted years
frantically digs deeper into memories
like a grasping for life
taking his last breaths
finding nothing but a void
he looks down, the hands look foreign
his hands, why are they so red and cold
his vision is blurred
yet he sees a perfect coat of red
what has he done?
his eyes flicker to a spot on the floor
Jane, refusing to move or breathe
all his efforts in vain
a requiem in his ears
his own body now hollow
like a vessel, devoid of a soul
the clock strikes 12
the perfect circle
he drowns in abyss of madness


In the midst of storm and thunder
met red and blue
with only one thing in common
desire to sin and ruse
breaking the rules
yearning for more today
than those little eye games they played
it was never enough
the sweet sin of surrender
draining each other
engulfed in the fire
they both will burn
oh but they are planets
orbiting each other
it’s natural and fatal
pieces of puzzle
coming together
He should go home
she should call him
their eyes meet
not tonight

Of sloths and depression. .

He seeps into my life
Under my bones making home
The dull ache settles as dust on ground
In my veins insects crawl
A constant itch to tear at the skin
Like a predator savouring its kill
Inside the caves of my mind
The bricks are falling now
I can’t move, I know
The rain comes down hard
The thunder is extra loud today
The weather conspires with me
Hiding my sin, I smiled
Nothing ever gets done anyway
The way it should
Always late, always stumbling
Oh sweet surrender, I close my eyes
The eternal bliss of numbness
The moon will hold her secret