Rat race

To truly be able to breathe
Enjoying what little things
Life offers us that we take
For granted without regret
A peaceful sleep after a
Long tiring day of surviving
And the carefree laughter
At the dinner table with family
Cup of tea with an old friend
We wait till the perfect time
But as you wake up to step
Into the world that is out to get
You like monsters that haunt
You during the days, enjoying
How easily you fall into the trap
Of the rat race the world throws
You into, but you are a voluntary
Victim to this design of life as
You feel it’s necessary to live in
This pace to enjoy bigger things
But by the time you think you
Can stop to cherish, seasons
Have passed and your children
Are gone while your hair go
Gray and you mourn over death
Of times lost in abyss of sorrows


What does it feels like dreaming?
Is it perhaps like a parallel life
Or a surreal version of our desires
I have never known

What does it feel like to not worry?
Is it perhaps like chocolates
Or thunderstorms on a sunny day
I’m starting to forget

What does it feel like to not struggle?
Is it perhaps a boring routine
Or happiness without an end
I’d like to know someday

What does it feel like to laugh freely?
Is it perhaps exhilarating
Or is it something unattainable
I wonder if anyone knows

What does it feels like to live your life?
Is it perhaps a privilege for a few
Or is it something not known
I wonder if you know?