She knows it’s time to let go
Her mind tells her to cut off
The memories she holds so
Dear to herself like oxygen
As they become toxic spreading
Darkness inside her in every
Corner of her being eating away
Who she was once, herself
Now every time she looks in
The mirror an empty gaze seem
To drill through her head as
If trying to jolt the person to life
She sighs and looks around
Maybe the questions she wanted
Him to answer were to be buried
With the memories she held close
He was happy and that was all
She needed to know and in that
Happiness she would have to find
Peace for herself, it was never about
What she wanted from life but
Knowing that he had found home
So she smiles through tears of a
Heart she no longer feels beating
And sits down to pull out threads of
their memories they built together
Cutting off the cords wincing in
Pain as her hands shook with each
String thrown away creating voids

Best Things in Life

Your hunger for money grows
Keeps you running in the rat race
As you search for something better
Bigger bank accounts to show off
Your big cars taking over the roads
Yet you remain perpetually restless
There is never any peace in your eyes
Swallowing blue pills to sleep every
Night, as the silent monsters scream
It’s a living nightmare of plastic life
Not all is rainbows and sunshine
Didn’t anybody ever tell you that
Best things in life aren’t things?
Happiness doesn’t exist in objects
Hug of a loved one on a tiring day
Can make the world feel lighter
An hour spent with an old friend
The genuine smile in their eyes
Brings the peace you crave inside
A kiss from your mom as you visit
She chides you for not showing up
Lovingly offers you baked cookies
Makes you realize someone’s there
And that cup of tea you share with
Her on the roof on summer nights
Under the starlight sky and breeze
Is where the true happiness hides
So hold on to these people with life
For they are your ray of sunshine