Plastic Heart

Her eyes shine like diamonds
Her smile dazzles the world
Her laughter resonates in halls
But her heart is made of plastic
That’s what everyone always
Says as she walks by, with her
Pride wrapped around herself
Her head held high in disdain
For others below her status
Ruthlessly she wins over hearts
Such is her beauty but viciously
She stab through them before
Finding other ways to entertain
Herself as she quickly gets bored
A certain coldness makes you
Shiver if you stand too close to
Her and the little smile playing
On her lips gives away how she
Enjoys toying with human lives
Yet charmĀ drowns you if you
Look into her eyes and feel your
Heart ripping apart from within
You to in to her hands while you
Hopelessly want to capture her
To be yours, she is a step ahead
Weaving magic in to the air and
Taking over one human after
Another as she searches for the
One who will perish her perpetual
Hunger for power and strength

Twisted Lines

As I look down at my hands
I see twisted lines messed up
Telling tales of the past and
Hiding the future within them
I wonder what meaning they
Seem to be conveying to me
They take twists and turns like
A rocky road of life I have led
I trace my fingers gingerly on
One of hands and even feel a
Few bumps that only can be
Found if looked upon carefully
To an onlooker they are deceitful
Pretty at their best as abstract
But if somebody ever sat down
To read the stories hidden in lines
I wonder if they will cringe in pain
Or wince with pity at the horror
I’m startled to hear my own chuckle
The idea of anyone stopping by for
someone’s story feels oddly wrong

What nightmares were made of

Part II of II

She was the calm before the storm
The ominous waves of destruction
The smoke filling up your lungs
Spreading and scarring your body
The hundred year old pale walls
With their paint chipping off and
Crumbling walls holding promises
Her voice reminds you of pain
Loaded on her tongue making you
Wince and step away in disgust
Her eyes seem to be filled with
Stories of regret and bruises you
Don’t want to waste your time on
She is a bag full of past mistakes
She has swallowed more lies than
Papers you can fill in a lifetime
Torn and twisted as her life was
She made one unforgivable mistake
She chose to fall in love with him
Her undoing was his perfection
Her end was in his silence for how
Could she ever reach for the stars
She was what nightmares are made of