Your Old Man

Just because you see him smile
Doesn’t means things are okay
So don’t judge him by the lines
That are sketched on his face
But see through them if you can
The pain that hides in the eyes
The lingering shadows that are
Like a trick fading and showing
Up as a figment of imagination
Unless you look long enough to
Notice the creases etched on
His trembling hands as he hides
Them from you and laughs it
Off when you worry, saying he
Is strong and brave unlike you
The slightest way he seems to
Waver as he walks to his room
Refusing your help with a shrug
And gently pats your cheek to
Reassure you of his well-being
The way you can hear him cough
Through darkest hours of night
Making you want to run to him
But you know better than that
Your old man is your pillar of
Strength, your super hero who
Never falters and you secretly
Pray it is never any other way

Break The Shackles

Learn to rise above stereotypes
Be the voice of reason in noise
Don’t let bullies stop you from
Being yourself in a plastic world
Move forward to stop the wrong
And spread hope and smiles
Fight for justice against violence
Being part of the change we all
Forget the world needs to move
Towards a better tomorrow we
All desire but refuse to stand up
Break the shackles of judgment
Bounding you to play the worldly
Part but most of all remember
To be who you are honestly, for
A world full of liars is all we got
Hidden behind friendships are
Backstabbers intending to harm
Don’t become part of this trend
Be different and spread some love
Refuse to be confined within walls
You’re more than just a statistic

The reason

When life throws you off balance
Remember, you are brave enough
To deal with the horror coming
Your way, just know that giving up
Is not an option for you were made
To do something bigger in this  life
To accept defeat is the easiest path
To stand up and look the world in
The eyes again takes real strength
And you were always a warrior, love
And people like you fight till the last
Drop of blood in them is left and
Never give up, for without you the
world will a few shades darker with
The grays winning over the white
Smiles replaced by heavy hearts so
You must fight as people have faith
In your abilities and strength to win
Against all odds, you were always
The reason the world meant more


Time heals the biggest wounds
It spreads over the hurt parts
Slowly wrapping them up with
Patience, teaching them to let go
Gradually making the pain subside
Like a dull bearable ache in you
That you learn to live with, smiling
It teaches you gratitude for little
Things you never thought mattered
But as a wise teacher it waits for
You to catch up with and learn to
Smile again realizing you survived
It will plant hope in your heart again
Letting you know feel the world has
A-lot to offer to you and one failure
Is not a reason to stop rather to be
More stronger in face of adversaries
But most of all time teaches you that
You are capable of surviving wounds

Road to Recovery

The road to recovery is long
Still somewhere in between
Trying to make sense of life
The past still lingers around
A shadow of doubt settles in
Your eyes wanting answers
Wishing to move on freely
Put one step forward at a time
These lingering thoughts will
Fade slowly like background
Noise that you will learn to
Accept as you move towards
The future with doubtful hope
Listen to that calling and learn
To believe in it no matter how
Difficult it may seem as the
Road was never meant to be
Easy so be brave knowing
The demon calls you back in
The dark place and you may
Stumble and fall but as long
As you don’t turn back and let
Go of hope, peace will find you
Hold on to that glimmer you saw
In yourself for it holds answers
You search for in the darkness

The free writing challenge – II

The honor of writing few words again was bestowed upon me by none other than Prateek (He is among my rare favourites here xD). Please refer to my previous post for the rules.

My word this time: Ink

Her hands trembled but didn’t stop, the ink filled pages after pages. She wrote like her life depended on it, a sob escaped her lips but she quickly wiped her tears and shook her head to concentrate on the task before her. She had to put out her thoughts, the words that echoed in her head like a storm, mocking her.

Her finger were stained in ink, the pages wet with her tears and the words on them messed up like some design which made no sense, a hysterical laugh and she winched ‘just like my life’ was the thought that went through her head. She wanted answers, she wanted them now. Who was that woman who insisted she was her real mom and the one who she lived with? Who was she?  She had spent her entire life wishing to die, for she couldn’t be ever good enough for her mother, no matter what she did and all she desired was her approval that never happened, not even the slightest pat on the back.

…and today? The woman who showed up on the door, how could she claim to be her real mother and not the one who she lived with.  Why did she leave her ? Did she also despise her? Was it because she was  disabled, she winced as the voices of school children making fun of her, came back to her. ‘Maybe, I embarrassed my mom too, so she left me with someone else.’

Her hands didn’t stop, they kept shaking but the voices were so loud in her head that she had to pour them out until she ran out of ink, just like she was running out of life with every passing moment, she could feel her soul fading and nobody seemed to care, not like anybody ever noticed her.

Shaking her head once more ‘I must complete my story’, with a new resolve she gripped the pen hard and concentrated on making sure the ink left permanent marks.

Time: 9 minutes, 30 seconds
Words: 340

Now for the nominees:

1. Sulagno
2. Sheth
3. Yoshiko
4. Isra
5. Fatma

And the word for you guys is, “edge”. Anybody else who is up for the challenge, please feel free to join in 🙂

[Note: Apologies to both of you; Prateek and Kritika for taking this long to revert on the challenges, days have been tough lately and I’m in need of few extra hours each day lol]

Forgive yourself

Life hasn’t gone the way
You expected it to go and
There have been mistakes
You wish to erase forever
From your memory like
They never existed so that
moving on would be easy
So listen to the words that
I wish to convey tonight
Telling you that it’s okay
To make mistakes and life
Was never meant to be easy
Perfection is nothing as we
All are flawed, hiding secrets
And mistakes we all regret
You are not alone in your
Battles against yourself at
Midnight as the world sleeps
Forgive yourself and move on
For that’s the first step towards
Making things right for yourself
No matter how deep the pit is
Believe and you will make it out
Just know that you aren’t alone
Each one of us have our baggage
Together we can help each other
To accept the past and open the
New door to life in hope of light


There is strength in waking up
Each morning giving it a chance
Not when you choose to hate the
World for tearing you apart endlessly

There is strength in loving after
Having your hear broken to pieces
Not when you close your heart to
The loved ones for mistakes of a few

There is strength in accepting your
Mistakes that might hurt others
Not when you deny turning away
Refusing to take responsibility

There is strength in going on when
You lower your child in the coffin
Not when you drift away with her
Forgetting many who need you

There is strength in living this life
Even when all purpose seems lost
Not when you stop trying to reason
Turning your life into passing days

Along the beach

I sit quietly by the sea watching the
Waves crashing against the rocks
A gentle cool breeze surrounds me
Making me feel content in that moment
The sky is the perfect grey today adding
To the serenity just as I desire it to be
Even though there are people around
I yearned to be captured perpetually
Perhaps I’ll know what peace feels like
Not carrying the world on my shoulders
I stay mesmerized by the power of sea
And a thought floats through reminding
That another week had come to an end
A thankful smile spreads on my face and
A sigh escapes my lips not believing how
Everything seemed to be just where it
Should be precisely in this instance
As if waiting for me to look up in the sky
The rain drops claim the earth just as
My eyes met those at the sky telling me
To hang on tight cause life had a lot
More to offer and take from my garden
Despite my inability to fully understand the
Message I closed my eyes devouring
The feel of cold soothing rain on my skin
Cherishing and existing as a part of nature

Pil Sung

As your own voice drowns out
Under the noise of the world
Pushing and pulling you to
Become one of them remember
It’s okay to shut your eyes and ears

There are rare who walk this earth
Figuring their path to that one voice
Their ‘unique calling’ only they know
Listen to that distant sound and find
You weren’t meant to be just a crowd

When people pull you down to rise
Remember you’re braver and stronger
Than those who belittle to show power
For true strength lies in standing up
And facing adversaries with a smile

On days when self doubts roar inside
Know this that the world waits for you
Not everybody is meant to travel
Mountains and find solace in silence
On peaceful nights under starry skies

On nights when dreams seem far and
Future uncertain remember you aren’t
Defined by people’s inability to see you
You aren’t just bones and mere skin
You are the guardian of your universe

Stand up and look the world in the eye
Even when you stumble and fall down
Believe in yourself to dust off failure
If you still feel lost as the sun sets
Trust the words here for they never lie

Note: This one goes out to a friend 🙂
For those who maybe unaware, ‘Pil Sung’ is a Korean word used in Marital Arts and roughly translates to ‘rising in face of challenges no matter how difficult’