The air seems to be telling
Tales carried from across
Worlds filled with questions
The clouds travel with secrets
You try to decipher in their
Shapes and sizes looking for
Answers you can’t find in life
The smoke rising afar drifting
Scattering into nothingness as
If it never existed reminding me
Of fragility of human life itself
How people disappear into voids
Like we had imagined them into
Existence just to dispel our misery
And how the homes we hold so
Close collapse under pressure as
If the safest place was never more
Than an illusion for peace and love
Our lives are an infinite stream of
Enigmas we all try to figure with
Hope that it will help us give some
Meaning to this puzzle of ‘life’

Rainbows and Butterflies

If life was like rainbows and butterflies
There would be happiness all around
And honest smiles on all the faces
While they carried on with their lives
The sky would twinkle with shimmer
And grounds would vibrate with dances
World would sway in harmony and peace
But little by little the chips will fall off
We will become less thankful and more
Bored of a simple life with no crossed
Roads to jump through and no decision
To trample upon others to boast victory
And so wanting more from less will
Take over and our hunger to be the first
Will lead us to choosing paths of wrongs
Destroying and creating ripples of war
We each become enemy in other’s eyes
And soon the world goes back to how
It was before; bruised and hurt by us
We secretly leech on this life while we
Lie about wanting perfection knowing
That we won’t last in an ideal world
For our hearts are too tainted for light


Trying to purge myself
From the sins leaving
Scars that tell tales long
Forgotten by the world
But which haunt me still
The first piece cuts off
The childhood demons
A satisfied smile rests
Upon my lips as a feeling
Of peace settles within
The second cut takes
Away guilt of trusting too
Many wrong people in
The name of naivety and
The love that didn’t exist
A deeper cut to punish
Myself for the dislike I
Feel for people because of
The masks and lies they
Wear with such ease that
Betrayal seems meaningless
When their kind is concerned
Another part is torn away
Which refuses to become
Plastic like rest of the world
And soon all that remains are
Fragments of myself that can
Be put together filling gaps
Through worldly fake pieces

Break The Shackles

Learn to rise above stereotypes
Be the voice of reason in noise
Don’t let bullies stop you from
Being yourself in a plastic world
Move forward to stop the wrong
And spread hope and smiles
Fight for justice against violence
Being part of the change we all
Forget the world needs to move
Towards a better tomorrow we
All desire but refuse to stand up
Break the shackles of judgment
Bounding you to play the worldly
Part but most of all remember
To be who you are honestly, for
A world full of liars is all we got
Hidden behind friendships are
Backstabbers intending to harm
Don’t become part of this trend
Be different and spread some love
Refuse to be confined within walls
You’re more than just a statistic

Keep Trying

Dear, try a little harder
You whisper to yourself
You have to go on with
Life struggling as giving up
Isn’t an option it never was
The battle is yours alone to
Fight and the world is yours
To win every day so close
Your eyes and say your
prayer believing in yourself
Somebody has to and you
Will need to stand on your
Own even when you crash
Dust off the scars and move
On with your life with a strong
Smile proving to all those who
Wickedly wait for you to burn out
That you are just not a quitter
You’re a fighter who has won
Battles on grounds on which
People would have surrendered
Even before the wars began