The sun rises everyday
Despite how the day ends
It rises above everything
Never giving up even if
It knows how its day will
End but that never stops
It from shinning the next
Day for it doesn’t focuses
On giving up rather a new
Chance each day to shine
And makes lives of many
Warm with love and care
As I watch the sun’s cycle
I can see the resilience
With which it never lets
Anything come in its way
Giving me the patience
To not let the day’s worries
Stop me from trying the
Next day and again till
I achieve what I have to
For it will take time and
Restraint to not break
Under consistent pressure
But those who learn to live
Through troubles smiling
Eventually make their mark

The free writing challenge – II

The honor of writing few words again was bestowed upon me by none other than Prateek (He is among my rare favourites here xD). Please refer to my previous post for the rules.

My word this time: Ink

Her hands trembled but didn’t stop, the ink filled pages after pages. She wrote like her life depended on it, a sob escaped her lips but she quickly wiped her tears and shook her head to concentrate on the task before her. She had to put out her thoughts, the words that echoed in her head like a storm, mocking her.

Her finger were stained in ink, the pages wet with her tears and the words on them messed up like some design which made no sense, a hysterical laugh and she winched ‘just like my life’ was the thought that went through her head. She wanted answers, she wanted them now. Who was that woman who insisted she was her real mom and the one who she lived with? Who was she?  She had spent her entire life wishing to die, for she couldn’t be ever good enough for her mother, no matter what she did and all she desired was her approval that never happened, not even the slightest pat on the back.

…and today? The woman who showed up on the door, how could she claim to be her real mother and not the one who she lived with.  Why did she leave her ? Did she also despise her? Was it because she was  disabled, she winced as the voices of school children making fun of her, came back to her. ‘Maybe, I embarrassed my mom too, so she left me with someone else.’

Her hands didn’t stop, they kept shaking but the voices were so loud in her head that she had to pour them out until she ran out of ink, just like she was running out of life with every passing moment, she could feel her soul fading and nobody seemed to care, not like anybody ever noticed her.

Shaking her head once more ‘I must complete my story’, with a new resolve she gripped the pen hard and concentrated on making sure the ink left permanent marks.

Time: 9 minutes, 30 seconds
Words: 340

Now for the nominees:

1. Sulagno
2. Sheth
3. Yoshiko
4. Isra
5. Fatma

And the word for you guys is, “edge”. Anybody else who is up for the challenge, please feel free to join in 🙂

[Note: Apologies to both of you; Prateek and Kritika for taking this long to revert on the challenges, days have been tough lately and I’m in need of few extra hours each day lol]


There is strength in waking up
Each morning giving it a chance
Not when you choose to hate the
World for tearing you apart endlessly

There is strength in loving after
Having your hear broken to pieces
Not when you close your heart to
The loved ones for mistakes of a few

There is strength in accepting your
Mistakes that might hurt others
Not when you deny turning away
Refusing to take responsibility

There is strength in going on when
You lower your child in the coffin
Not when you drift away with her
Forgetting many who need you

There is strength in living this life
Even when all purpose seems lost
Not when you stop trying to reason
Turning your life into passing days