Losing grasp on life slowly
Wasting away in uncertainty
The chaos inside my head
Grows with each passing
Day gripping the voice of
Sanity to silence it forever
Caught in a trap of a life
I didn’t want to be a part of
Wearing the mask of smile
Trying to keep it together
Seems to take too much of
My strength lately as I find
Myself more disorientated
The desire to escape this
Plastic life and breaking the
Chains of society’s dramas
Claws on my inside leaving
Raw bruises that burn my
Skin like a hot iron rod as
I watch in numbing horror
The unseen marks spreading
I let the wounds deepen for
At days the only thing that
Makes me feel real is the
Pain that surrounds me
I can hear the walls of my
Mind falling apart as dust
Begging me to fix things but
All I want to do is close my
Eyes and go back to a place
That exists only in the dark


Panic Attack

Uncertainty surrounds my life
I know I must keep trying
A sudden onslaught of ropes
Seem to tie me down and I
Stand rooted on my spot as
All thoughts shatter and
Crash against each other in
My mind making the world
Spin out of control viciously
I try to stay calm but it feels
Like my lungs are on fire
And there is no way I can
Breathe anymore, I cough
Violently wrapping my arms
around myself as I fall to the
Ground and the walls start
Moving closer inch by inch
I open my mouth to scream
But I fail to form any words
Amidst of the chaos of my
Life trying to shatter me I try
To reach out to tell myself this
Isn’t real but I’ve gone too far
The walls moving in closer
I feel the ice running in my
Veins making me tremble
Just as I start wheezing, I’m
Wrapped into warm arms
“I’ve got you; you aren’t alone”
And I let myself fall deeper


One day you are best-friends
Next day you don’t know the
Person who walked away
Smile, you aren’t alone

You got married to the perfect
Person and then the clouds
Cleared leaving behind nothing
Smile, people always change

The job was all that you wanted
Then a whirlwind of problems
You were shown the door
Smile, uncertainty is life

As a kid you had big dreams
For this little wondrous world
So many dissipated with years
Smile, we all have nightmares

Life will give you the world
Then one day pull the ground
From beneath your feet
Smile, believe it will be okay