Versatile Blogger Award – Again!

Hi lovelies!

As if being nominated once wasn’t enough of a shock, I was nominated again on April 13, 2015 by Shambhavi for this award yet again and I was like WOW! how did I get so lucky? Firstly, my many thanks to her for nominating me for this award, this truly means a lot and secondly I apologize for taking this long to manage to reply to the nomination. I’m extremely sorry, work has been super crazy as of late and my routine has been messed up but finally here I’m 🙂

Since I have already done 7 facts and 15 nominations, anyone who wants to see the post, here is the link to it:

However, I’ll use this as an opportunity as a shout-out to Shambhavi’s blog xD please give a visit to this amazing amazing lady’s blog: She writes beautifully and her writings have a way to speak to your emotions. She is among my favourite bloggers here on wordpress, thanks once again for the nomination 🙂