In Darkness

In the darkness of the room
I feel at most ease and most
Misplaced, like a pendulum
Swinging from north to south
Like not knowing hopefulness
From hopeless as a drowning
Animal tied with a stone pushing
Down and down it in the darkness
The voices are alive and when
Clocks are screaming in eeriness
But it’s also when the air is slow
Layers of peaceful air wraps you
Up in a cocoon to save you from
Chaos that is building around it
Reminds me of a racing competition
I must choose one before I lose
My sanity completely between
Ricocheting from one extreme to
Another as I constantly want both
The demons and the peace as same
It’s a battle I need to win yet fail
It’s way deep in to the night and
I see music and hear a screech afar
Knowing that I’m going too far so I
Decide to lie down predicting as the
The north and south clash, a war
Will break out inside that I don’t
Want to see till morning when my
Brains and sanity seeping back in
Making me a whole worldly human


You prepare one more group
For another blood party you
Want to throw in your honor
Stop! every war is not our war
Haven’t we shed enough blood?
Haven’t this madness taken enough
of our sons, brothers and fathers?
Hasn’t all this destruction raped
Our country of peace and innocence
Of kids who would rather hold guns
Than toys because they’re scared?
Stop! Every war is not our war
So are we gonna put a price tag
On ourselves for each life we are
Putting on line? What’s the profit
That you will be making this time?
How long before my home has to pay
For the wars you keep supporting
Stop! Every war is not our war
The bigger agendas against which
Human lives keep becoming mere
Numbers on your pieces of paper
In your exclusive files for how long?
Stop! Every war is not our war
Please try valuing peace for a change

Note: This is directed at the rising Yemen war and the role we might have to play as we get dragged into it.


Read for yourself and others
To be able to know and learn
A little more out about this infinite
Spectrum which we are part of
For its importance to appreciate
The countless things we misuse
Being able to have constructive
Discussion about human beings
Nature and never ending subjects
Rather make useless gossip grow
To not waste time over gossiping
A well read person will have better
Thinking capacity and tolerance
For others opinions with reasoning
From getting a chance to travel
Across worlds and cultures you will
Know places and people as your own
Hope will grow on our land again
As a change will occur in people who
Have been busy with guns and blood
Words will string us together as a
Rope tightly held in place and the
Rusted lines will teach us lessons
Long forgotten as we dumped books