You should have known
Words have consequences
Before you decided to impose
That someone was a liar
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words leave wounds
Deeper than a knife can cut
Before you made fun of him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words echo in hallways
louder than a shattering glass
Before you yelled at him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words can be played with
More than keys of a piano
Before you left him hanging
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words are hauntingly more
Louder than mocking laughter
Before you called him a failure
But you didn’t

You should have known
The weight of the words can
Wound more than a gun shot
Before you called him worthless
But you didn’t …till his heart stopped


This world keeps secrets
In every nook and corner
Only if we’d make time
From our busy routines
To listen to its whispers

This world holds together
Echoes of majestic mountains
And vast layers of seas
Roaring across the world
Stop and listen to them

The world glows with colors
Of endless trees and flowers
Shades of sky as a duvet
Telling infinite tales of love
Pay attention to designs

The world teaches lessons
Of never giving up in form
Of humans all around us
Each different from another
If we only had time to learn

The world speaks to us in
Rainbows and rains with
Music in the background
But we are too busy trying
To live the plastic lives

What dreams were made of

Part I of II

He was the sky after the storm
The ray of hope at darkest night
The last bite of chocolate that
You wish would last forever
The breeze that calm the nerves
After you barely survive the day
The ice cream you devour after
Hours under a burning hot sun
The music that lulls you to sleep
The words on pages spilled in
Delightful patterns enchanting
You with its perfect patterns and
Peaceful scent closed within it
His voice moving the strings that
Keep the heart from drowning
Under the noise of the world
The sound of symphony to touch
Your soul and lose yourself in it
A smile that will move the worlds
Electrifying and adding life to
Moments captured in memories
He was all that she had wished for
Only a figment of her imagination
He was what dreams were made of

Dead Words

So much of what we want
Goes unsaid between empty
Spaces making the distance
Longer than it needs to be
All the “I love yous’” swallowed
Too scared of rejection we let
The aching hollowness to grow
Inside our chest locking the words
We shut off the inner voice harshly
Our hearts burdened under weight
We choke and stumble around
Never an “I’m sorry” letting our
Pride win over relationships we
Keep losing people slowly till one
Day the road mirrors a graveyard
Thank yous” squashed under feet
We drive people away without
Realizing we are digging our holes
Only to wake up one day and be
Alone and numb from the inside
With regrets and what-ifs that tear
Us up by the burdens we carry
Till we pick a pen and bleed our
Hearts away letting the dead words
Out filling the voids and aches never
Heard before to let the world glimpse
The burdens of the silenced words
Hoping someone out there will act
Differently and live fully unlike us

The misfit

The constant struggle to fit in
With the normal people wears
Me down by end of each day
Not finding my place between
The fake giggles and high pitched
Laughter erupting from the vocals
I watch in confusion wondering if
They all could see how useless
These masks were which they
Carefully crafted to hide their real
Faces behind an imaginary deceit
They think no-one notices but it
Makes me wince seeing those ugly
Lines stretched too far for too long
They push me to laugh a little harder
For after-all my silence scares them
They throw me between each other
Trying to drill holes in me to extract
A few more gossips in hope to kill
Time they can’t seem to get rid off
But I have nothing to offer so I sit
Unmoved with a blank stare and a
Dazzling smile I have reserved to keep
Them at bay from ripping me apart
If they get too near they would know
I’m real and what they see isn’t a mask
I wear to fool the world to fall in love
With me rather I’m the quiet dark soul
Swimming behind that flawless smile
Bored when they find me so empty
They ask me for my opinion about
His new shoes then tell me I need to
Be softer in my choice of words being
Too honest can turn off people they
Mock me in a sweet tone trying to hide
Their disdain and I smile ruefully not
Saying anything back au contraire I’m
Exhausted with the meaningless chats
All these dramas and lies around me
Are to be eaten casually over lunch
Just like any other day this also ends
In me on this side and them across the
Hall waiting to pick me apart like a doll


My eyes found you that one day
You were with friends at a bar
Seated two tables away laughing
At some joke your friend just
Made and I couldn’t tear my eyes
Off you so I kept watching your
Every move that your body made
Almost like you were swaying to
The sound of jazz that played
Slightly leaning forward you picked
Up that drink and put it to your lips
As slowly you keep the glass down
You lick your lower lip lightly and I
Groan inwardly trying to look away
But I couldn’t stop staring at the
Perfectly shaped lips and those
Flawless hands that looked like
They had been sculptured by the
Finest artist out there with love and
Passion that you can only dream of
You whisper something to the girl
Sitting next to you and you both
Seem to share a mischievous smile
Your eyes hold a spark and with
Horror I realized how I wished it was
Me next to you as you took me on
Transcendence experience showing
Stars and galaxies from a place afar
A sigh escaped my lips as I observed
How your fingers seemed to frisk over
Her knee length aqua silk frock so
Smoothly that no one seemed to notice
Till you loudly asked her out for a walk
I wince as I remember her giggle in my
Head when you walked away with her
So unaware of how you had become a
A forever etched portrait inside my mind
Which I failed to get rid of from that day
Surrounded by your aura I try to escape
Today again by capturing you in words


Didn’t I my Dear?

You were the best thing that could ever
Happen to someone torn and twisted like me
That was how I knew you will never stay
But I wanted to come closer to happiness
Even if it was temporary and distorted by me
We joked and laughed together like peas in a pod
I was swept in the moments of delight and hope
You held me when I cried over my nightmares
You cheered when I reached for my dreams
In hours spent with you I forgot who I was and
Learned how to smile without fear but something
Always painfully gnawed on the inside of my mind
Lurking around, scratching to let me know that
My kingdom was never meant to last forever
Just as the voices got louder you opened up
Saying you wanted a little more than just friendship
My heart slumped to my feet knowing it was time
Instead of butterflies I felt tiny rocks growing
But I gave you what you wanted like all the times
I treaded on water without knowing how to swim
You never intended to keep me from drowning
I should have never told you what went on in my head
But I jumped in the water anyway tired of the games
You played with such delight and absolute control
I came up gasping for air alone and just like that
You decided to become a figment of my imagination
Between us, I accepted and acknowledged what I felt
And knowing you were gone all I could think was
“I really fucked it up this time. Didn’t I, My dear”

Note: The last line in quotes is taken from the song of Mumford & Sons, “Little Lion Man”

Art of making Chai (Tea)

I always smile when my friend
Is baffled by my obsession with chai 
You see making chai is an art
From boiling the water on the stove
While humming your favorite song
To precisely adding the tea leaves
Which give the perfect golden color
As you let it brew by the clock
Reading Neruda’s poem in between
Till the roasted aroma wraps you
In its spread soothing your senses
And with all the concentration you
Pour the chai in the cup and watch
With delight as the hot steam forms
Designs that you want to capture
In your memory as magical moments
That remind you of words of C. S. Lewis
This brings a smile on your face and
To complete your Chai making ritual
A little milk and a little honey essence
Brings your Chai cup to desired perfection
With a hand wrapped around the cup
And another holding Murakami’s 1Q84
You comfortably settle in your favorite spot
On the sofa by the window and raise the cup
The first sip that moves down the throat
Warms up the inside like hands of a lover
Who knows the secret way to your home
And with a smile that hides a secret
You savour the delicacies of Chai
Enjoying the world of words in your hand