Growing up

I was a hopeful child
Until the world took
Away my innocence by
Stabbing me in my back
Teaching me a lesson

I searched for happiness
Till I realized that it was
An ongoing battle of life
Some days you won
And others you didn’t

I voiced my concerns
And was told to stop
Questioning things and
To be blind to wrong
Quietly fading away

I was naive and eager
But had it thrown in
My face as an insult to
See world as an oyster
For it was a jungle

I looked for answers in
Effort to make sense of
So called humanity but
Learned there was none
My quest was a mistake


44 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. We all lose that pure childhood innocence and spend the rest of our lives looking to get it back. If we see human beings as flawed beings then that builds hope in us and reduces expectations to livable levels.

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  2. We can only learn by falling down and making mistakes hence the efforts cannot go in vain so the conclusion is it can never be a mistake. Life is all about falling down and getting up — world does take our innocence away with time and reality is bitter but then there are happy times as well.

    I loved it!


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