No Strings Attached Award



Whoa! The award nominations just never stop coming in 🙂 and this time by one my most favourite blog-friend Randstein, he is an amazing blogger and as already said, one of my favourite’s here ❤ I love how vivid and detailed his stories are, like so much attention, care and time is put into them and oh let’s not forget this guy has a funny bone xD I love his sense of humor and he can always make me smile.

Thank-you Dan, for this and all your words 🙂 You already know how much they mean to me. I’m grateful for this award. One of the best things about this award is, it’s simplicity and no requirements. This is just a recognition from one blogger to another, letting them know they are loved 🙂

Thus, I can’t thank Dan enough for this and to pass on the love, here is the list of bloggers that deserve a chance to be read and recognised (In no particular order) :

1. Randstein
2. Naima
3. Will
4. Mani
5. Ifrah
6. Prateek
7. Chris
8. Izza
9. Sulagno
10. Paul
11. Ayushi
12. Geet
13. Arwen
14. Kri
15. Kirsty
16. George
17. Annie
18. Michelle
19. Darshith
20. Isra
21. Jess
22. Justbeingme

I’m still not sure if I have managed to cover all and have a feeling, I might be missing out on some of you guys, in case the name is missing in the list, I apologize as I love you all.

Note: Special apology to Dan for taking ages to get back on this award and many thanks for being patient with all the waiting I put you through 🙂


19 thoughts on “No Strings Attached Award

  1. Oh B! Thank you. 🙂 I appreciate the kind words and I have made a lot of friends with your friends on WP, which I enjoy a lot. No problem about time. I am always behind on my awards and reading of everyone’s blog, I worry when I can’t keep up. I am still working on my announcements from you and I tell a couple of stories on myself so everyone will now know what a rascal I was when I was little. My followers may become a very small group after this confession. 🙂

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    1. Well that means we have a huge circle of friends together ❤ Well, guess we are on the same boat then when it comes to time 🙂 I'm sure everyone loves you plenty to accept all your mischievous ways xD
      Much love

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