In Search

Another day of disappointment
Trying to find meaning of life
This seems like perpetual circle
Of suffering to be trapped in
The battle of good and bad goes
On endlessly while I struggle
To maintain my sanity in the pool
Surrounded by insane creatures
Greed and power rule loyalties
In today’s world honesty is rarity
As I look around I notice too many
Faces which every person has
Masks changing with every smile
All this chaos makes my head spin
For I don’t understand the world
The people viciously desire to
Harm one another as they hold
Hands and greet each other with
The fake compassion they show
It makes my head hurt and spin
Not knowing who to trust anymore
For so much of the time is now spent
Pulling the knives out of my back
And tending to wounds that refuse
To heal because they run deep and
Long like the memories leaving scars
Even if you want, you can’t forget


28 thoughts on “In Search

  1. *Thank you, B*… If I didn’t have a doc appointment for some hormones I would burst into tears. At least for a minute, anyway ,cuz, although happy happy joy joy unicorns and farting rainbows whatever, sometimes thing are shit. No, they are sometimes SHIT lol!! xo

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    1. Aww *gives you a big hug* a little late though on this :$ oh yeah, life can be really shitty if it wants to screw you up, I understand that quite well lol


  2. I have finally learned, and endeavor to use, one simple lesson about people. When by chance I see their second face, I walk away and leave them looking with their crossed eye view of the world. πŸ˜€ B πŸ™‚

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  3. Painful, but sadly true! As always a magnificent piece of poetry showing a reflection to the world. Though, there are people, who are always there to help pulling out those knives. One might fail and get hurt several times in their search, but sometimes, they just come show up and pain is not so painful anymore πŸ˜‰

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  4. The sad part is the search continues on forever. But, there are some whose attitude towards you remains the same & they can help you also in the search. I personally loved your way of expressing the injuries like pulling the knives & the wound refusing to heal. It was a MASTER STROKE for me. And that do happen, I will admit !! But, that’s what we do, we adjust well. We learn & grow. Hope you’re fine B?

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    1. Thanks Darshith for the brilliant words πŸ™‚ and Yes, I’m okay. I agree with you, it’s a life long thing we stumble, we falter, sometimes we fall but get up and dust off the mistakes and learn to move on with more resolve and strength

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