Surround Yourself

Surround yourself with life
So much of it is wasted away
Look beyond the rat race you
Have joined brain washed by
The world believing that for a
Fulfilling life more is necessary
Constantly struggling to win
Surround yourself with music
Listen to the peace it brings to
The unease of your heart within
Your soul magically taking over
Like finding your way back home
Surround yourself with hope
So that you may find more reasons
To smile in this life slipping away a
Little with each minute of the clock
Even when you stumble hold on
Resilience will take you a long way
Surround yourself with love
All may fail but a warm hug will
Make you survive another day
At the lowest where all doors close
Those arms will make you survive


36 thoughts on “Surround Yourself

  1. Such wonderful things to surround ourselves with…especially hugs. I find lately, I am surrounding myself more with music. I love its power to transport my brain elsewhere and lift my spirits. Sorry you had a bad day. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers =)

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    1. oh yah random hugs are so warm and nice! ^_^ and music is love. What genre are you listening to ? πŸ™‚
      Oh yeah, work’s been terrible, our company is going through one of the biggest mergers in history of mergers, it’s depressing *sigh*

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      1. Hey Barrira…The merger sounds difficult. I’ve never been through one but from what I’ve heard, they are not so much fun.
        Music is love, yes! I mostly listen to adult contemporary on an independent station (U2, Hozier, Modest Mouse, George Ezra) How about you? Cheers

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      2. They aren’t, we are gonna have lay offs (perks of working in a MNC, you see *sigh*)
        oh wow that’s an interesting genre, I’m a fan of rock, electronic/techno/, heavy metal and post rock is my favourite favourite! but all the stuff I listen to is old πŸ™‚ the new music seems all trashy and lyrics-less (mostly), there is no quality left in anything.

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      3. Sorry that work is so stressful Barrira. Layoffs make everyone feel so insecure. You have an interesting mix of musical tastes. I like many types of music besides what I mentioned. Older music is great. I don’t like everything new that comes out and so I also rely on older music to keep so variety. Cheers.

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      4. They do, there are a lot moral and ethical issues I want to speak about but unfortunately my hands are tied.
        Oh yeah older music is the best, all the old stuff is basically just classic lol nowadays that’s rare.

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  2. Beautiful! And so true. I have found that when I try to intentionally minimize material possessions and focus more on the lasting, intangible things, life is much, much more joyful. =)

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