I question, do you?

Why does a woman have to
Justify when she steps out
Of the home to make a living?
I question, do you?

Why is it okay for a man to cheat
On his wife and gloat? And the
Woman should forgive it all
I question, do you?

Why do men have to hide their
Emotions behind cruelty and anger?
Being emotional is being less of a man
I question, do you?

How does a thirteen year old
Provoke a forty year old to rape?
And the world sleeps at night
I question, do you?

How is marriage mandatory for
A happy life one wants to have?
Why can’t you choose otherwise
I question, do you?

Which religion promotes killing of
Innocent in name of peace and hope?
Will this society ever rise above it
I question, do you?

When will we accept humans for
Who they are and stop labeling them?
Pushing them to point of suicides
I question, do you?

Note:  These issues are specifically pointed towards the society I’m part of and the fact how openly they’re practiced and nobody seems to be bothered by them.

44 thoughts on “I question, do you?

  1. Good questions, sadly they will elicit only evasive answers, and that’s how the society functions – sleeping at night, oblivious to the cries of the thirteen year old and eyes closed during the day, blind to all deplorable atrocities! Anyway, thanks for the questioning post!

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    1. Not just evasive, Mike.. they will look back in the eye and question you on how dare you ask them this. That’s how deep rooted in itself this miserable af society has become.
      Thanks for reading and your feed back 🙂

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      1. You are welcome and yes, you are right! Things are not too bright and society is slowly and surely sinking like a torpedo-hit ship; its only a matter of time before it hits the seabed because of fossilized uncaring, negative outlook – God save mankind!


  2. I had written a similar poetry reflecting the sections of the society; rich and poor. How sometimes we happen to blame our lives, our parents, and ourselves for things we WANT to have and in that process we forget to appreciate things we already have.
    Yours is a great attempt. I hope everyone questions and treat humans as humans and not as ‘typical female or male’.
    PS. I seriously deject the concept of relating happiness with marriage. Why can’t I living my own fucking life without having someone else?!

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    1. Agreed, we forget to be thankful for the little things.
      And..Oh I so relate to that Kritika ❤ in our societies it's so much of a struggle and an alien concept to say " I don't want to get married, I'm happy. Leave me the fuck alone" and the whole once you cross twenty-five, you're "too old" for any good men! Good Lord! so infuriating and depressing.

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      1. In such situations I feel that our relationships bounds us to do something we might never want to. Just wonder what all we could have done and we could do if we are not impeded by any relation that exists in our lives!
        Maybe this will be a real freedom to our souls. Unfortunately, this is near to impossible.

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      2. Oh agreed totally! most of what we do is just reactionary and “doing what’s required” not what we truly want. It saddens me, I’ve reached a point where I just want to shake up people and the very foundation they stand on and question them.

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      3. I’m so glad to hear that xD I think the parts of world where we come from makes our issues much more similar than our nations would like to admit.


      4. I agree. The countries won’t ever acknowledge.
        Well, it is great to connect as an individual. The wall of differences breaks down when two connects through emotions.
        I am glad I got a friend from my neighboring country. Cheers 😀

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  3. My rant is if a woman says I’m a stripper, escort, webcam girl, she is a pariah. If the same woman said; I’m in charge of the Bangladesh arm of H&M, Head of BP’s underwater oil drilling or I’m in charge of the company that fracks your tap water on fire, it’s all good.

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    1. People have gotten so used to labeling and stereotyping that we all need to make a conscious effort to step back and not judge, in fact stop others from doing the same. Unfortunately, women still go on suffering way more in societies for any form of freedom they raise their voice for..

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    1. It’s not and it’s heart breaking, as a society we have gone so dead and indifferent that it’s scary. So many die each day and we go on living unless it hits our home.


  4. A very profound piece indeed!
    I don’t know how ‘happiness’ and ‘marriage’ can ever be directly proportional! May be for some yes and for others a N-O (I can spell it out too). I think (especially in the east — my home), people are pressing about these issues. I have witnessed otherwise in the western world and I am living on the other side of the globe for 3 years now.
    Also, every religion promotes peace. Hating somebody for their religion: I feel like a human can’t get more shallow if he is categorizing people on the basis of their religion. That’s a screwed up idea!
    You raised other very critical questions too like the story of a woman who are the bread earners (we love to assume and gossip as humans) and a 13 year old who can in what way provoke a 40 year old man to rape her?
    Saddening: I wish I had a magical-moral-wand to fix this all and make it look like a fairy tale!

    I just realized I have been ranting so yes, I won’t give your eyes any more pain to read (lol).

    In short, I loved it (like every single time — you know it by now Barrira, don’t you <3)


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    1. There is a lot that bothers me about “happily ever afters/ marriages” what bothers me most though is the reaction that I get if I question it? the idea of not having a significant other is so appalling and unfathomable in our society that people just fail to wrap their heads around it, like something is fucking wrong with my head. I don’t look at people and question their marriage and their cheating husbands, so why am I questioned. Unfortunately, I’m a ‘misfit’ in a society of “too fits” lol

      Agreed, all religions promote peace, hell the first rule of being human is to be peaceful, people just twist things for their own satisfaction.

      Trust me, a society where you can get away with rape but nobody finds anything wrong with “gora rung” (fair complexion) ads, what else is there to say on them?

      Hey, I loved your rant <3, rant more often and as much as you want *hugs*

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  5. I question too and I need answers ….but the apples has been bitten is there a way to put them back? I wish I have the answers to your profound questions, but my mind is too fucked up.

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