A little more you

There is a world you hide
Beneath that skin of yours
A world that nobody notices
Where the words are lighter
And heart beat is calmer
A world which is an abstract
Mix of sorrows and joys
All woven together perfectly
Making it more real than you
The face for the appearance
The smile for the audience
The words perfectly timed
An actor’s perfected act
You perform stunningly on
Stage for the world to watch
But it’s when you are alone
In voids and spaces of time
The unsure you visibly comes
Out when nobody watches
That part of you lurking in
Shadows for you to relax
A little more you, real you
Making you more human


Let’s create a little anarchy
Shall we?
Challenge the baseless system
Won’t you?
Question the so-called norms
Will you?
Wake up from the oppression
Why not?
Raise your voice against violence
Can’t you?
Spread message of peace for all
Would you?
Ease someone’s burdens today
Try to?
Encourage originality among others
Will you?
Use creativity to rebel in new ways
Tried to?
Create chaos through words
I dare you?
Crush the labels society creates
Join me?
Let’s make a difference today
Shall we?

I question, do you?

Why does a woman have to
Justify when she steps out
Of the home to make a living?
I question, do you?

Why is it okay for a man to cheat
On his wife and gloat? And the
Woman should forgive it all
I question, do you?

Why do men have to hide their
Emotions behind cruelty and anger?
Being emotional is being less of a man
I question, do you?

How does a thirteen year old
Provoke a forty year old to rape?
And the world sleeps at night
I question, do you?

How is marriage mandatory for
A happy life one wants to have?
Why can’t you choose otherwise
I question, do you?

Which religion promotes killing of
Innocent in name of peace and hope?
Will this society ever rise above it
I question, do you?

When will we accept humans for
Who they are and stop labeling them?
Pushing them to point of suicides
I question, do you?

Note:  These issues are specifically pointed towards the society I’m part of and the fact how openly they’re practiced and nobody seems to be bothered by them.

Let’s teach our sons

To be a man in this world means
Growing up when you’re only 10
Not crying after cutting your knee
At your first basketball match

Let’s teach our sons differently
Wrap them in our arms as they
Bleed and their lower lips quiver in
Pain so they can learn to be human

To be a man in this world means
You either become the bully or
Be bullied by other men into abuse
Never complaining about the pain

Let’s teach our sons differently
Encouraging them to speak up for
There is nothing weak about asking
For help and vocalizing their fears

To be a man in this world means
Shouldering the responsibility of family
Being the breadwinner without a choice
Because that’s what real men do

Let’s teach our sons differently
Allowing them to make their choices
Realizebe a manisn’t the response and
Money isn’t the parameter for his worth

To be a man in this world means
You must learn to hide your feelings
As being emotional is what girls do
And strength means being impassive

Let’s teach our sons differently
Inspire them to express themselves
In hopes that the world will see men
With beating hearts and bright eyes

Note: Also posted the same on my page