Silver Linings

If you look hard enough
You will see the silver
Lining shimmering a little
Distance away and if you
Hang on till the right time
You can hold it in your
Grasp like a bird that was
Always yours and just
Lost its way along the path
It is in the darkest of night
A star shining so bright
And in the way she smiles
When you get back home
It’s in the pat on your back
That you got at work today
It’s in the warm arms around
Your neck of your 5 year old
But it vanishes when you
Close your eyes and all there
Is, is blackness stretched in
Perpetually all around you
You involuntary shiver under
The burden of your child’s
Wishes that you promised to
Fulfill for him and you feel
The cold in the darkness
Her hopeful eyes hauntingly
Find you even as you try to
Sleep silently reminding you
About how her eyes lighted up
At the sight of the blue house
The blankness takes away any
Silver linings you saw in day
The constant self loathing of
Failures follow you on the path
You blindly run and stumble
But the nightmare never ends
You keep running wanting to
Scream for help for them you
Keep trying but each day mixes
Into another in your mind as you
Like awake wondering how to
Be good enough for his people
A silent cry escapes your lips
You sit up desperate for escape
Choking under the pressure
Your breath falls short as you
Start seeing your silver lining
A glimpse that comes and goes
But you have seen it and that’s
Enough for you to madly reach
For the bottle of sleeping pills
To swallow till the stars gets
Brighter and the moon smaller

I met Happiness

We sat across each other
Sipping on a cup of tea I asked
Happiness where it was lost
It forcefully managed a smile
And barely whispered “I have
Lost my space, fading away in
This world tired of fighting all
The hate and anger people feed”
I sigh and ask softly if it would
Keep trying for my humanity’s sake
And others who desperately wanted
To see more moonlit sky and stars
More shiny eyes and kids running
Playing in fields and open spaces
It asks me why would I ask for
Such a thing don’t I see around
I gently hold its hands and smile
“Look around you there is still hope
There maybe few like me who want
Real happiness to dance across faces
To take away those tears from eyes
Those little kids who still can be
Protected and guided are our hope
Please embrace them gently and
Give them the best of yourself for
We must not give up on our kind
The fight for right must never end”
It looks back at me and shakes its
Head “Okay I will try to stay around
A little longer for those little kids
Who have a long way to go in this
And honest hard working people 
In this world of bumps and twists
You’re right we must fight together
Even if it takes sacrifices from us”
With that we share a knowing smile of
Promises and hopes knowing what
Will come our way but true living is
When we live for others honestly
Standing up against the evil no matter
What the future may hold for us

The misfit

The constant struggle to fit in
With the normal people wears
Me down by end of each day
Not finding my place between
The fake giggles and high pitched
Laughter erupting from the vocals
I watch in confusion wondering if
They all could see how useless
These masks were which they
Carefully crafted to hide their real
Faces behind an imaginary deceit
They think no-one notices but it
Makes me wince seeing those ugly
Lines stretched too far for too long
They push me to laugh a little harder
For after-all my silence scares them
They throw me between each other
Trying to drill holes in me to extract
A few more gossips in hope to kill
Time they can’t seem to get rid off
But I have nothing to offer so I sit
Unmoved with a blank stare and a
Dazzling smile I have reserved to keep
Them at bay from ripping me apart
If they get too near they would know
I’m real and what they see isn’t a mask
I wear to fool the world to fall in love
With me rather I’m the quiet dark soul
Swimming behind that flawless smile
Bored when they find me so empty
They ask me for my opinion about
His new shoes then tell me I need to
Be softer in my choice of words being
Too honest can turn off people they
Mock me in a sweet tone trying to hide
Their disdain and I smile ruefully not
Saying anything back au contraire I’m
Exhausted with the meaningless chats
All these dramas and lies around me
Are to be eaten casually over lunch
Just like any other day this also ends
In me on this side and them across the
Hall waiting to pick me apart like a doll

Their Last Time

His eyes follow her every movement
As she dances with the other man
Licking his lips as her taste still lingers
I’m leaving a part of myself with you
Her last words to him after he ripped
Apart her heart by throwing her out
She was a distraction he couldn’t afford
That is exactly what he had told her
Her eyes had looked painfully hollow
Pleading to him silently to take her back
But unmoved he had closed the doors
He grimaces trying to clear his head
Wanting to ignore the voices in his head
‘You will never find another one like her’
His eyes flash in anger as the man pulls
Her closer and she twirls around with ease
The man leans closer to her and whispers
Her laughter reminds him of wind chimes
He curses under his breathe unable to
Stand the sight of her in arms of someone
He walks away slamming the door behind
You need her‘ another voice points out
A low whimper escapes his lips and
He covers his face in his hands silently
Begging his gods to help him but even
The gods seemed unhappy with him for
All the air held tonight was a silence
Unforgiving buried in her pained sobs

Keep Trying

Dear, try a little harder
You whisper to yourself
You have to go on with
Life struggling as giving up
Isn’t an option it never was
The battle is yours alone to
Fight and the world is yours
To win every day so close
Your eyes and say your
prayer believing in yourself
Somebody has to and you
Will need to stand on your
Own even when you crash
Dust off the scars and move
On with your life with a strong
Smile proving to all those who
Wickedly wait for you to burn out
That you are just not a quitter
You’re a fighter who has won
Battles on grounds on which
People would have surrendered
Even before the wars began

Giving up

Each day feels like a battle ground
Where you fight against yourself
Past mistakes try to tackle you down
The uncertain present blinds you to
Any successful road which lies ahead
You shake your head to clear thoughts
From taking over any sanity that’s left
While self doubts tighten the noose
The temptation to give in is alluring for
You as you lay down exhausted from
Bruises life has decorated on your body
On each turning of the road to every
Bridge you have crossed alone there
Have been barriers and traps set to
Make you give up and let the hollow
Demons take over to put an end to
The perennial chase game life created
You close your eyes and try to breathe
Choking when you fail to remember the
Last time your life had gone right and
A heavy realization fills you up entirely
You’ve run out of strength and hope
To keep resisting and so you let the
Demons devour you in a timeless
Sphere waiting for the clock to stop