In a Parallel World

I see us standing
Side by side happily
Laughing at some joke
In a parallel world

I see us talking
To each other openly
Resolving our issues
In a parallel world

I see us buying
Books together just
Because I loved reading
In a parallel world

I see us arguing
About your busy life
And you making up
In a parallel world

I see you reading
My words and reaching
Out for my hand subtly
In a parallel world

I see us planning
Our life together
In whispers of night
In a parallel world

I see us fading
As the strong winds
Bring me back to this
World, there is no us

Clipped Wings

She squeals and thrashes
Against the walls that bind
Her from the freedom of life
She wants to break free
Explore the hidden secrets
The world teases her with
Oh! the great blue spread
All over like a new born’s
Blanket keeping the world
Warm and welcoming but
Sometimes it goes angry
Gray and yells at people
She wants to feel all the
Clouds floating around
Her and the wind blowing
Against her wings as she
Flies to places and lands
The thoughts of the world
Create a forlorn expression
On her face as her fate
of being caged keeps her
From exploring unknown
She angrily protests and
Waits for someone to hear
Listen to her, to free her
Still crashing her body
Against the caged walls
She desperately prays for
A sign of hope to escape
But she remembers her
Clipped wings and her head
Bows down in silent defeat

Best Things in Life

Your hunger for money grows
Keeps you running in the rat race
As you search for something better
Bigger bank accounts to show off
Your big cars taking over the roads
Yet you remain perpetually restless
There is never any peace in your eyes
Swallowing blue pills to sleep every
Night, as the silent monsters scream
It’s a living nightmare of plastic life
Not all is rainbows and sunshine
Didn’t anybody ever tell you that
Best things in life aren’t things?
Happiness doesn’t exist in objects
Hug of a loved one on a tiring day
Can make the world feel lighter
An hour spent with an old friend
The genuine smile in their eyes
Brings the peace you crave inside
A kiss from your mom as you visit
She chides you for not showing up
Lovingly offers you baked cookies
Makes you realize someone’s there
And that cup of tea you share with
Her on the roof on summer nights
Under the starlight sky and breeze
Is where the true happiness hides
So hold on to these people with life
For they are your ray of sunshine


I wish you sweet dreams
Even a sweeter reality
A world full of laughter
And days of hope to live
Nights filled with music
People who value you
Treat you with stars and
Moonlight happiness on
Your feet to swoon you
Peace be in your heart
With sun bringing light
Chocolates to add delight
To your days when down
A shoulder to cry on when
Darkness surrounds you
Loving arms to hold you
To cherish you as a gift
A reason to never give up
When life trips you down
And the days feel colder
May warmth pass through
The cracks and give you
The strength to live life

Dead Words

So much of what we want
Goes unsaid between empty
Spaces making the distance
Longer than it needs to be
All the “I love yous’” swallowed
Too scared of rejection we let
The aching hollowness to grow
Inside our chest locking the words
We shut off the inner voice harshly
Our hearts burdened under weight
We choke and stumble around
Never an “I’m sorry” letting our
Pride win over relationships we
Keep losing people slowly till one
Day the road mirrors a graveyard
Thank yous” squashed under feet
We drive people away without
Realizing we are digging our holes
Only to wake up one day and be
Alone and numb from the inside
With regrets and what-ifs that tear
Us up by the burdens we carry
Till we pick a pen and bleed our
Hearts away letting the dead words
Out filling the voids and aches never
Heard before to let the world glimpse
The burdens of the silenced words
Hoping someone out there will act
Differently and live fully unlike us

About Time

He walks over to her and smiles
She is busy scribbling away
He clears his throat and sits down
She looks up and smiles warmly

He holds her small hands in his
She seems startled by this act
He keeps looking at her quietly
She blushes under his intense gaze

He hopes she would understand
She had always been good at this
He was always short of words
She always had enough for them

He opens his mouth to speak up
She puts her hand on his mouth
He looks at her questioningly
She shakes her head in a ‘no’

He wonders what that means
She beams and leans forward
He sharply exhales surprised
She was always a step ahead

He gently seals their moment
She had been his best friend
He whispers softly “I love you
She grins “About time, you idiot*

Take a Chance

This life will escape from your grasp
That you so desperately try to control
Like a castle of sand that slips away
It will vanish without without a warning
Someone you love deeply will be gone
You will be left behind trying to recover
Remembering their pained expression
As you disdainfully rejected their words
Making you wish to reverse time and
Hug them one last time to set things right
So take a chance while you still can
Reach out and spread smiles for the
World is too full of burdens and tears
Wrap your arms around your loved ones
Tell that special someone you love them
Before life takes away your chance
Be open and courageous in your words
For a life full of bumps and bruises and
Honest tears and smiles is better than
A wishful life you spent on “what ifs


I watch the stars above me feeling
So small wondering how vastly the
Big black blanket is spread all over
us and the millions of pearls that are
Stitched on to it delicately each placed
With precision that one can only wonder
About The magic of nature all around
That I feel flowing inside me brings in a
Sense of dread and despair for there
Is so much to see and know and barely
Any time that I have in my hands to hold
All the roads I’d never get to travel along
And the bumps I won’t fall on to clumsily
The road signs that I will never learn about
Settle a sense of profound regret in me
All those tall and lofty mountains that I
Dreamed of touching and feeling one day
Would vanish into thin air like a part of my
Imagination I could never have control of
As I desire to hold and smell all the scents
That surround us and preserving it in me
My head reminds me of my finite days
That will stop me from crossing all the
Places I wanted to on the maps to galaxies
I would never be able to wrap into my arms
Layer after layers of silence is wrapped upon
Me in the darkness of night to muffle my
Thoughts and wishes till there is nothing
Left in the air except a sense of numbness

My Dreamcatcher

Will you weave dream-catcher for me?
Made just the right way with the perfect
Willow hoop representing oneness of life
So that I would perhaps feel complete
A sinew to lay the webbing in between
Capturing my nightmares that keep me
Up at night wishing my demons would
Leave me at-least in the other world
An empty space en-route to the feathers
Bringing me smiles and peace as I close
My eyes and journey away in the realms
Perhaps protected under the shadow of
One of the oldest believes the world has
To offer I will find peace and sleep that
I crave for so desperately in emptiness
That takes over as the moon emerges
This circle of faith I can hold in my hands
Offers the little details if we pay attention
Stories and secrets it preserves within it from
Centuries so that one day someone will
Look at it and feel their heart strings being
Tugged by wonders a timeless ring can offer

To be a Tree

Some days I wish I was a tree
A thick long poised stretch
From the earth to the heavens
So gracefully and steadily holding
Its ground luxuriously spreading
Its thick lustrous roots within the
Length and depths of the earth
They share a lasting love that’s
Talked about in books all over
From sandstorms to thunder both
Are eternal strength to each other
As the tree grows branching out
In all directions it’s decorated by
Feather light leaves in rich thick
Shades of greens and designs that
Nature creates from its own hands
So mesmerizing to look at that one
Stops to watch in wonder and awe
As weather and winds changes it
Adapts efficiently and effortlessly
Like an expert sailor adjusting sails
From shedding of the adornments
Storing a well inside for dusty days
It sway gently like classic piano notes
Until it can blossom its way coloring
the beloved wings in flirtatious hues
Spreading smiles and little rainbows till
The day it bleed by hands of those who
Tears apart the lovers from each other
In name of freedom and hope